The dress code in the event was “no suits!” and photography was forbidden. Keeping WiFi and Bluetooth on was at your own risk. Many people tend to bring so-called “burners” to the event, which are devices that can be fully emptied after the event. This way they can freely join the hostile networks without the risk that someone else breaks into their main computer or phone and has access to personal information. Although practically all devices at the event were available for hacking, the organizers emphasized the saying “don’t be an asshole”.

Also, The Chatman House rule was in force, according to which the information received in the event can be freely used, as long as source protection is maintained so that the person who provided the information cannot be traced back to. Sharing of information and experimentation, which are characteristics of the hacker culture, shone in the event. There’s something very liberating when you see CIOs and CISOs with hoodies on, sharing their know-how in relaxed atmosphere.

The program for the two days of the event: reverse engineering, psychological security, systematic guesswork for random numbers and workshops such as lock picking and open source intelligence (OSINT). An important part of the event was also the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, which gives you various kinds of challenges to solve as a team or solo, related to for example steganography, cryptology and penetration testing.

Challenges had also been solved outside the formal competition: someone had succeeded in the making of an organizer’s wrist bracelet with the help of program paper and colored tape, which gave him access to the backstage of the event. The person was rewarded for his accomplishment at the end of the event.

This was the second Disobey event for me. The event has clearly earned a permanent position in Finland’s cybersecurity scene. I’m again leaving with a ton of new knowledge and increased contact networks, I am most definitely going next time as well!

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