MEP Mirja Vehkaperä visiting elfGROUP

A member of the European Parliament, Mirja Vehkapeä visited the elfGROUP headquarters Thursday May 2nd, 2019, as part of her campaign tour. Mrs. Vehkaperä was visiting Oulu-based growth companies, getting to know their operations and expertise, as well as discussing how the companies have experienced the effects of EU level decisions in their own operations. elfGROUP introduced their company and know-how, as well as some key principles in cyber security and frequent cyber threats of the modern world.

There has been active discussion at the EU level concerning the digital single market, that is promoted in many ways. The European Parliament is building the digital single market through intensive legislative activity, to eliminate barriers for any European citizen to access information and services online, but at the same time enhancing trust and security to the users with e.g. the new EU data protection rules.

Tapping on the digital single market in a complete and sustainable way requires cyber security that is unwavering and trustworthy in the eyes of the EU citizens. Credible and verifiable information security ensures open-minded and unprejudiced attitude towards these services. It is also a prerequisite to achieving the estimated efficiency gains of the digital single market.

“Work will not be run out at the field of cyber security”, both Mrs. Vehkaperä and elfGROUP CEO Tuomas Tonteri conclude.

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