We want to activate especially municipalities of Northern Finland to the challenge. The municipalities handle the very personal information of residents and we, therefore, want to be involved in improving the security of local authorities and disseminating information on information security, says elfGROUP CEO Tuomas Tonteri.

Information security is more than denial-of-service attacks and data leaks. It means, among other things, keeping the data intact even without external threats, and for example the traceability and indisputability of information events. The upcoming Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection further emphasizes the importance of data security management in maintaining and safeguarding municipal data and citizen data.

The whole IT infrastructure of a municipality is in danger if information security is compromised and no anticipation of the threat. Information services for the municipality workers and citizens will be unavailable if the security threat comes true, Tuomas Tonteri explains the importance of the project.

elfGROUP, alongside Nixu Oyj, is another cybersecurity company involved in Team Rot’s challenge of offering its services to municipalities free of charge.

We have been following the social media discussion about public sector information security and we are happy to see the Finnish white-hat hacker community is contributing to better security. In addition, as a Northern Finnish company we are proud to be part of the challenge and hopefully work with the Northern Finnish municipality, Tonteri says.

The municipality can join the project selection process by contacting Team Rot by email (team@rot.fi). Enrollment must be done before 12. October, after which selections will be made. Names of municipalities will not be published until necessary corrections have been made to potential vulnerabilities. You can read more about the challenge in Team Rot’s blog (https://blog.rot.fi/2017/09/10/team-rot-3-suomi-kuntahaaste/).

elfGROUP Kyberturvallisuuspalvelut Oy is a Finnish company specializing in the safe management of electronic data, providing solutions to protect the cyber security risks of business operations. elfGROUP produces cyber security expert services and cloud services for companies of all sizes. elfGROUP was established in 2010 and its turnover in 2016 was € 0.85M. The company employs 14 cyber security professionals in Oulu. www.elfgroup.fi

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