College student’s business project with cyber security experts

Information technology student Henrik Mourujärvi from Oulu University of Applied Sciences has been doing a business project course work at elfGROUP during fall 2019. His tasks have been updating elfGROUP’s firewall for office and visitor networks, following the network traffic and visualizing it, as well as examining the possibility of distributing the traffic across separate firewalls to increase resilience.

The best and at the same time the most challenging part of the project for Henrik were the interesting work tasks. Carrying out the project work has been very self-determining task that has developed his working life skills towards independent mode of working. Henrik describes elfGROUP’s atmosphere as pleasant and relaxed, and he has experienced great support from his new colleagues.

Henrik specializes in device and product development in his studies, where he hasn’t encountered cyber security topics. Instead, his personal interest and an elective course from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences have ensured him the basics in cyber security. During his weeks with the elfGROUP team, he has had the opportunity to see cyber security experts’ work in practise, which is an interesting career opportunity for himself as well. Henrik thinks it would be beneficial to study cyber security topics also in his field of study, as it is an important topic with e.g. IoT systems.

The project is almost finished, so what is next in Henrik’s plan? The career of cyber security expert would be a dream come true after graduation, and this period at elfGROUP has already provided with great insights to the field. Maybe we’ll see Henrik in the ranks of elfGROUP’s white hat hackers also in the future.

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