Match Made in Startup Refugees is an online service where refugees can create their professional profile. After filling in the profile, the service sends the user’s CV to their email as a PDF file. Match Made in Startup Refugees is an important tool also for Startup Refugees employees, who work for matching skilled immigrants with job and education opportunities provided by the network. They can look up e.g. for electricians in Vaasa or programmers in Rovaniemi, and send the candidate’s CVs directly to potential employers.

The service of Match Made in Startup Refugees was programmed by a group of students rounded up and mentored by Futurice, together with Futurice experts. They carried out an internal audit for their service, which didn’t bring up any major challenges. However, they decided to ask also for an external cyber security audit from elfGROUP. The cyber security of Match Made in Startup Refugees service is very important for them since the service includes personal information from people that are in vulnerable position.

elfGROUP took the volunteer project without hesitation and carried out a cyber security testing of the Match Made in Startup Refugees service. We found significant system vulnerabilities that Futurice corrected promptly. Now Startup Refugees can search for employment opportunities for refugees in a cyber secure manner.

From vulnerabilities to better cyber security

elfATTACK is a testing service for ethical hacking where the security of an organization or information system is tested. The information system architecture is reviewed from the cyber security point of view. As a result, a report of potential vulnerabilities is written, accompanied by development suggestions to repair or remediate the found security vulnerabilities. At the second stage of the testing, an ethical hacking is performed to evaluate the level of the information system’s protective controls. The results are compiled to a vulnerability report that the customer can use to correct the vulnerabilities.

Futurice had heard strong recommendations for elfGROUP’s cyber security services. They needed an evaluation of their software and its code, as well as penetration testing.

”Peace of mind is what we buy. elfGROUP helped us to assure our service being cyber secure. The cooperation with elfGROUP has been very fluent and complements our own competences. This was a perfectly smooth and efficient outsourcing!” tells Teemu Turunen, a Director from Futurice.